AdvanceED and Northwest Accreditation Commission Accreditation

Boulder Creek Academy pic

Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy is a therapeutic boarding school in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, that accepts students in grades eight through twelve. The academy focuses on meeting the academic, behavioral, and clinical needs of students. Founded in 1993, Boulder Creek Academy operates with accreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), a division of AdvancedED.

These organizations outline quality standards and processes that meet the specific requirements for several types of learning institutions, and accreditation from NWAC and AdvancedED serves as a testament to quality standards. For instance, standards have been developed for education corporations, public and private school systems, digital learning institutions, and post and secondary academies. Criteria for accreditation include: a commitment to continuous improvement, demonstration of quality assurance through internal and external review, and cooperation with AdvancedED standards and policies.

The organization utilizes a system-oriented accreditation approach that helps institutions make the most of their talent and resources. It measures the program’s quality, relationships, and results through an examination of an institution’s standards, student performance, and stakeholder feedback. Furthermore, the accreditation process emphasizes the importance of accountability, learner outcomes, and efforts to achieve positive learner outcomes.

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