The Negative Effects of Social Isolation in Teenagers

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Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy is a coed therapeutic boarding school for teens ages 14 to 18. Located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Boulder Creek Academy serves the unique needs of students who struggle with various behavioral, clinical, and academic challenges, including social isolation.

Given the social nature of human beings, feeling disconnected and isolated from one’s peers can be extremely harmful to teenagers. In many cases, because teenagers tend to stay connected through online interaction, adults disregard social isolation in teens. However, the need for face-to-face interaction persists. As individuals grow through their adolescent years, they often seek peer support to process the various dramas and changes they are experiencing, and online interactions alone cannot fill this need.

When teens feel socially isolated, it results in a wide range of mental health problems. Teens often experience lower self-esteem and increased anxiety. Further, they may become depressed and possibly develop suicidal tendencies.

Teens experience physical problems, as well. They are more likely to become obese during young adulthood, have worse physical health, and experience headaches and stomachaches. Isolated teens also frequently have higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and poor cardiovascular health as young adults.