A Primer on Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

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Boulder Creek Academy
Image: bouldercreekacademy.com

Boulder Creek Academy in Bonners Ferry, Idaho provides therapeutic services for adolescent students who are struggling with learning disabilities and social deficits. In particular, Boulder Creek Academy assists students with nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD).

A learning disability characterized by weak social, motor, or visuospatial skills, NVLD is an oft-misunderstood disorder that affects many children in the United States. Unlike students with verbal learning disabilities such as dyslexia, students with NVLD experience difficulty with nonverbal communication. Both learning disability types can cause considerable challenges for children in the school setting.

Nonverbal learning disabilities often include symptoms such as difficulty with fine motor skills–for example, tying a shoe, trouble coping with changes to a routine, or an inability to recognize nonverbal cues such as body language and facial expression. Some students with NVLD may excel at language-based learning tasks, leading teachers to overlook their other deficiencies. As such, treatment for NVLD focuses on the unique challenges faced by each student, typically involving individualized attention from the teacher and other educational professionals.