Three Ways to Help Your Child Overcome ADHD

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Overcome ADHD

For 23 years, Boulder Creek Academy has provided therapeutic services and a stimulating learning environment for socially immature and clinically complex students in grades 8-12. Located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Boulder Creek Academy focuses its efforts on students with learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Parents of children with ADHD play a major role in the academic success of their children. Below are three ways to help your child overcome ADHD and excel in the classroom.

Make a calendar: Because children with ADHD often struggle to keep organized, you can use a calendar to help your child stay on top of his or her commitments. For an added layer of organization, color-code the calendar or use a digital platform.

Establish a homework routine: For many children, the home environment can be a highly distracting place, making it difficult to complete homework on time. By creating a designated homework space with minimal distractions and setting aside time every day for homework, parents can help children build a daily routine.

Teach prioritization: Children with ADHD may have trouble prioritizing their activities, ending up feeling overwhelmed by everything they have to do. To teach prioritization, parents can use a color-coded “priority level” system on a calendar to help instill this important skill.