Requirements and Terms for NATSAP Members

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs pic

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Boulder Creek Academy has spent more than 20 years providing high-quality education to adolescents with learning disabilities, anxiety, and other mental health, behavioral, and academic challenges. Licensed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Boulder Creek Academy adheres to the Northwest Accreditation Commission’s standards and is a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP).

Committed to serving as a resource and an advocate for schools and other organizations that provide care and education to young people, NATSAP has been welcoming members since 1999. Members of the organization include institutions ranging from young adult programs to therapeutic schools. They must be licensed by a state agency that is authorized to oversee therapeutic care standards or accredited by COA, CARF, Joint Commission, or NIPSA – Therapeutic, and be dedicated to following NATSAP good practices and ethical principles. In addition, all NATSAP members offer therapeutic services that are overseen by a qualified clinician or licensed therapist.

Any programs that meet all the necessary requirements can apply for full membership. Programs with full membership status must have been open for more than two years. However, NATSAP does not automatically reject programs that do not meet these requirements. Instead, the programs may be offered associate membership status. Although the Association promotes ethical and good practice principles, NATSAP does not oversee the operations of any of its member programs. It is a volunteer organization and believes that accreditation and licensing agencies hold the responsibility for overseeing member programs.