Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Therapeutic Boarding School Settings

Boulder Creek Academy pic

Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy is a therapeutic boarding school based in Idaho. Serving at-risk teens, this school caters to students who struggle with unevenly developed cognitive skills, self-regulation issues, and mood disturbances like anxiety or depression. Offering individual, group, and family therapy, the school helps students learn healthy coping mechanisms for many types of mood disturbances and mental health conditions. One common type of individual therapy implemented at Boulder Creek Academy is cognitive behavioral therapy.

Staff counselors utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to help students work through negative or inaccurate thought patterns. Teaching students to recognize negative thinking or illogical thoughts helps them to develop constructive and positive mechanisms to deal with stress, mood issues, and self-destructive habits or beliefs. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts is a process that can help increase self-esteem and improve the ways in which a person responds to stressful or triggering situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy has practical applications for those struggling with depression and low self-esteem.