Boulder Creek Students Learn in the Presidential Classroom

A therapeutic boarding school, Boulder Creek Academy helps adolescents overcome challenges related to cognitive skill development, self-regulation, and social relationships. Boulder Creek Academy is licensed by the state of Idaho as a certified special education program and aids student development through a number of unique skill-based activities, including outdoor adventures, animal care and training, and community service.

In 2013, students from the academy had the opportunity to spend a week in Washington, DC, as participants in the Presidential Classroom program. The trip allowed the students to showcase their accomplishments in both academic and social development as they completed the rigorous civic education curriculum.

A nonprofit organization, the Presidential Classroom offers a unique educational experience for outstanding high school students, facilitating insightful discussions on pertinent national and international issues. In so doing, The Presidential Classroom strives to foster skills that will allow students to become effective leaders in both the public and private sectors. Throughout the program, Boulder Creek students debated prominent policy issues with numerous legislators, including Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and several of the state’s representatives. The students also explored a number of historic landmarks while visiting the nation’s capital, including the White House and the Supreme Court.


The Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

A member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), Boulder Creek Academy is a year-round, coeducational therapeutic boarding school located in Idaho. Serving adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18 from around the United States and the world, Boulder Creek Academy’s fully accredited program combines therapeutic and academic learning with leadership opportunities and adventure activities designed to help students succeed.

Sending an adolescent who is at risk or troubled to a boarding school can be a difficult choice for parents, but there are several benefits of therapeutic boarding schools to consider. Therapeutic boarding schools provide students with a positive structure. Students who were previously withdrawn, struggling with social awareness, experiencing anxiety in school, and have processing issues often benefit from the more personalized service and help provided by therapeutic boarding school programs. Further, students suffering from a range of issues, including NVLD, ADHD, anxiety, and low self-esteem, receive the extra structure and therapy needed to maintain a stable academic life.

Therapeutic boarding schools offer unique academic curricula that help struggling adolescents catch up to their grade level and stay on track. Teachers are often experienced in special education and have smaller classes, allowing them to focus on the individual issues each student may have, while giving every student the extra help they need. Classes include everything from English to health and social sciences and promote the discovery of personal interests and talents.
Unlike traditional schools, therapeutic boarding schools have the resources to maintain support networks for both teenaged students and their parents. They often provide training programs to parents, helping them learn about communicating with their troubled teen and supporting them properly, while also providing personalized therapy and support to students. These additional programs help adolescents learn coping skills, which will help them later on in life.