What to Look for in Selecting a Behavior-Focused Boarding School

Located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Boulder Creek Academy offers teenagers age 14 to 18 a supportive environment for overcoming behavioral and mental health issues. The school combines academics with a variety of therapies, academic remediation programs, and outdoor activities that increase social skills and independence. In addition, Boulder Creek Academy emphasizes a collaborative approach with parents in helping struggling teens succeed.

When choosing a school, it makes sense to look beyond the local area and seek out schools that are most appropriate for the teen’s issues and have achieved positive results. Rather than seeking a school that promises to “fix” negative behaviors, it may be better to look into an evidence-based institution that assists students in changing their attitudes and gaining a more mature perspective.

In cases where an adolescent has a serious psychiatric or trauma-related problem, treatment programs become a primary consideration. While many parents seek out a boot camp or military school environment for their children, these types of institutions tend to be behaviorally punitive in nature. They may not be the right choice for teens needing therapeutic support systems to achieve emotional growth and balanced lives.