How Anxiety Can Affect Children at School

Boulder Creek Academy is a school that focuses on serving socially complex adolescents who deal with issues ranging from trouble with cognitive skills to general anxiety disorders. Boulder Creek Academy provides these teens with a state-recognized special education program.

School can present children living with anxiety with a number of high-stress situations. Some adolescents with anxiety develop a condition known as school refusal, where the child will do anything in his or her power, ranging from feigned illness to temper tantrums, to avoid going to school. Children with school refusal who make it to school rarely last the entire day. Even if students do not develop this condition, they can still struggle with fear, irritability, and constant pressure while attending school, emotions that often translate to grades that do not accurately reflect the child’s ability.

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a child with anxiety has a right to a specialized care plan carried out by teachers and other school administrators in order to give every child the chance to succeed. For example, students with extreme anxiety can benefit from extra help or facilities designed specifically for cognitively challenged adolescents.